Badass Women Band

all of these incredible photos were taken by Fran Dwight!

What began as an outlet for Annie Capps’ solo project (“How Can I Say This?”) to be celebrated and performed live with some exceptionally talented women, at a handful of venues around Michigan, grew into a concept that caught a bit of a buzz and before long, there were requests to book the band and keep this train rolling. Capps, however, was just one of several songwriters in the group so with a strong desire to spotlight the others, the Badass Women Band (BWB) was formed to do just that.

So who are these women?

The current crew is Annie Bacon, Fay Burns, Annie Capps, Sara Gibson, Carolyn Koebel, Cori Somers, and Julianna Wilson.

Additional and alternate badass women (not pictured) are Jennifer Buehrer, Anne Heaton, Cheryl Prashker, Emily Slomovits, Sharon Tse and Telisha Williams.

Stylistically, this band delivers rockin’, folky, funky, sensibilities – culminating in a variety show that will keep you grooving, thinking, and feeling deeply!


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